One of the problems with having so many products and services available, especially now through the internet, is that there are so few credible reference points to allow potential customers to determine which one they should choose. While Amazon has a rating system for its own products which is user based, there doesn't appear to be an equivalent rating 'agency' for other services and content. Good Bad Ok is being developed with this in mind so that if you want to randomly browse the funnient videos or the best online casinos then you have a credible user rating to base your decision on.

This project is still in design phase and if you have any ideas how else this site can be used then do let us know.

Thanks for visiting this bookmark page, we hope to have a prototype site up and running shortly - feel free to entertain yourself with a quick gamble after reading a few Indian Online Casino reviews or if would rather rate read some of the latest news, then visit BBC news.

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